The current weightloss strategies have failed you.

It’s time to address your true hunger.

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Rethink everything you’ve been told about weight loss!

The current weight loss culture is based on false promises, judgement and shame. It’s serving up what is simply untrue, that weight loss is a matter of tricks and quick fixes.

  • Judgement will only result in sabotage and impede your goals.
  • Identifying our Hunger requires awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion.
  • You inherently have all that you need inside you, right now.

It’s time for a better way.

Hungry For More guides you on a path of self discovery with actionable and compassionate steps to understand and manage your hunger once and for all.

Stories and Science to Inspire Weight loss from the Inside Out

“We are hungry, in fact we are starving, for belonging, connection, self-love, self-acceptance, patience, approval, presence, equanimity, autonomy amongst so many other hungers as the following stories will describe. While the flavor may be different, the sentiment is not. We are all hungry to live fulfilled, contented, wholehearted lives.  We experience our emotional hunger viscerally, like a gnawing sensation in our gut.  Something akin to physiologic hunger. But it is not food we hunger for.”

Excerpt From Hungry For More

For over 15 years, Dr. Adrienne Youdim has guided hundreds of people through their weight loss journeys. In all that time, she has found that the desire to lose weight is often a desire for something deeper. In this collection of patient and personal stories, Dr. Youdim blends story and science to get to the heart of what we are truly hungry for.

Using personal experiences, client observations, and medical/scientific commentary, Dr. Youdim identifies those underlying factors and gives proven advice for overcoming them. This inspirational and empowering book won’t just help you lose a few pounds. It will fundamentally alter the way you look at yourself – in the mirror and beyond.

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Dr. Adrienne Youdim Hungry For More

About The Author

Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP specializes in medical weight loss and nutrition. Her mission is to transform the weight loss narrative to one that is both empowering and compassionate, inspiring people to live more physically and emotionally fulfilling lives. Dr. Youdim draws on best medical practices  and on her patients’ personal value system, trusting that we all inherently know what we need. She believes that navigating our hunger is a process that requires, introspection, self-acceptance, and a sense of agency. 

Dr. Youdim is a professor, speaker, and thought leader in her field. She is also founder of Dehl Nutrition, a line of nutrition bars and supplements made with functional ingredients to promote health and wellness. After earning her degree at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, she went on to teach at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was also the medical director of the Center for Weight Loss. She has been certified by three different medical boards and currently holds a medical practice in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Youdim is proud and immersed in her cultural and religious heritage as a Persian Jewish woman born in the United States. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband (her high school sweetheart), their three children, and puppy. In her spare time, she can be found running, reading, cooking with her family, and wearing her signature red lipstick and high heels.


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